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5v5v5 Co-ed Fall Softball

Season starts Wednesday, Sept. 6th with a regular season and tournament play.

  • Registration: July 17 - August 31, 2023; sign up online, by phone at 307-674-6421, or in person at 1579 Thorne-Rider Park.
  • Fee: $275/team or TBD based on number of teams
  • Location: Sheridan College Softball Complex
  • Season: September 6th - mid-October
Image depicting player positions on a baseball field

How It Works:

  • Games consist of 3 teams, with 5-6 players competing against each other in a 5 inning / 45 outs game.
  • Each inning has a Top, Middle, and Bottom where each team bats.
  • Each team will bat 5 times and play defense for 2/3 of an inning when not batting.
  • An “infield team” and an “outfield team” will play defense while the “batting team” takes their turn.
  • All three teams rotate positions for one cycle (9 outs) to complete one inning.
  • At the end of 5 complete innings, the team with the most runs gets 3 points, team with second most runs gets 2 points and team with least number of runs gets 1 point.
  • Other than 3 team format, USA softball rules will apply.

Softball Managers Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, August 30 2023
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Location: Sheridan Recreation District office

All team managers or individuals planning to participate this season should be in attendance at the managers meeting, as new rules and features are discussed, any questions will be answered, as well as to register your team.

Free Agents: Individuals wishing to play this year, but who might not have a team, are also encouraged to attend the Managers Meeting so that we can place you with a team. If you are interested in getting on a team please contact Zach Stewart.

Volunteer Scorekeepers Needed

Sheridan Recreation District is looking for volunteer scorekeepers for our adult softball league. You don’t need experience, we can teach you in five minutes, but if you have experience that works too. Contact Zach at 307-674-6421 or by e-mail.