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General Pool Info & Rules 

2023 Summer Aquatics

Kendrick Pool: 307-674-9436

The Sheridan Recreation District is very excited to have the pool open and is looking forward to seeing our community have access to an outdoor pool for the summer!

Kendrick Park Pool

  • Opening Day: June 19 | 1pm – 5pm | $0.50 Admission
  • Closing Day: August 20 | 1pm – 5pm | $0.50 Admission
  • Dog Swim: August 20 | 5pm - 6pm | $1/dog+
  • Early Bird Registration: May 29 - June 9 | Noon - 6pm

Regular Business Hours - Daily

  • Noon – 1pm Water Exercise
  • 1pm – 7pm Open Swim
  • 7pm – 9pm Pool Rentals

Daily Pool Schedule 

May contain: chart and plo

Pool Rules To Remember

To help the pool season run more smoothly, we are including a few rules and regulations for our patrons to know ahead of their trip to the pool. All Wyoming regulations are available at Kendrick Park Pool and the Sheridan Recreation District. In accordance, Wyoming’s regulations:

  • All nonswimmers and children under eight (8) years of age shall be accompanied by a responsible adult observer. This observer does not need to be in the water with the child, but is responsible for monitoring the child during the duration of their visit.
  • No person shall run or engage in horseplay in or around a public pool. Running on the pool deck and grass areas is strictly prohibited and enforced. Horseplay will be monitored and subject to intervention by pool staff.
  • General guidelines for Kendrick Park Pool: During Afternoon Swim times, small water toys will be allowed. During Evening Swim, small flotation devices will also be allowed at the discretion of pool staff. United States Coast Guard Approved life jackets are allowed in the shallow end of the pool at all times. Please speak with a manager for more clarification about toy, flotation devices, and life jacket usage.