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School District No. 2 Facilities

School District No. 2 Facilities, After School Use Information

It is currently the view of School District No. 2 and the Sheridan Recreation District that programs jointly sponsored to meet the needs of the community are both desirable and beneficial. School District No. 2 facilities are available whenever school related activities are not scheduled and upon principals approval.


School District No. 2 Responsibilities; Requests for SCSD2 facilities are available to residents of Sheridan County for a fee. Fee schedules are available at the Sheridan Recreation District and SCSD2 Administration Office. Request for facilities must be approved by SCSD2 Facility Coordinators and Principals. The Sheridan Recreation District does not schedule facilities on the weekends. To use a facility on the weekend, all requests will be reviewed by the SCSD2 Administration Office. There are also fees for use of facilities on weekends. School District No. 2 will provide, where applicable, major pieces of athletic equipment, i.e. volleyball nets, wrestling mats, track and field equipment etc. School District No. 2 reviews and rejects or approves the Sheridan Recreation District requests for facility use.


Sheridan Recreation District Responsibilities; The Sheridan Recreation District will review and process all applications for use of SCSD2 facilities and also schedule following school approval of each application. The Recreation District maintains records of facility use and users and will supervise programs where applicable, i.e. programs directly incorporated by the Sheridan Recreation District. The Recreation District will supply minor supplies and equipment for activities. The Recreation District notifies in writing each principal and custodian of activities for the following week. In turn, the Recreation District will provide to SCSD2 any Recreation District controlled facilities or equipment at no charge.


General Public Responsibilities; The general public, when using SCSD2 facilities, need to complete and return a Recreation District Use of School Faculties form. Also, users should leave the facility in the same or better condition than when the group entered the facility. Users should also provide their own equipment or supplies for their activity. Groups using facilities will also agree to repair or replace any area or equipment in facility damaged during use, in accordance with School District No 2 policy.


Procedure for Scheduling Facilities; School District No. 2 Principals will supply a list of school related activities. All school related activities will supersede any or all activities previously arranged. Sufficient prior notice will ensure smooth programming of facility and rearrangement of activities, if necessary.

The Sheridan Recreation District will supply each principal a list of requests for approval.

General Public; Persons or groups must complete request forms available from the Recreation District office. Forms must be signed by Sheridan Recreation District personnel and by the School Administrator and received in the Recreation District office no later than Friday, noon the week preceding the requested use. Any applications received after such time will not be considered until the following week.


Insurance; All user groups must submit a copy of their liability insurance, ($1,000,000 each occurrence) to the Sheridan Recreation District.


New SCSD2 Facility Use Fee Policy; Sheridan County School District Number 2 has implemented a facility use fee schedule that will go into effect on January 1, 2018. Fee schedules are available at the Sheridan Recreation District and the SCSD2 Administration Office. All checks for SCSD2 facility use will be payable to SCSD2 and be paid at the Administration Office located at 201 North Connor or P.O. Box 919, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801.